(a)   No combustible Christmas trees, or other conifers, whether live or cut, may be sold within the City during the period beginning November 15 of each year until January 10 of the following year, except on lots that are zoned for business and not until a valid permit has been issued by the City's Zoning Inspector.
   (b)   No permit shall be issued, in accordance with this chapter, until the following conditions have been met:
      (1)   An application has been made to and approved by the Zoning Inspector.
      (2)   The applicant has deposited ten dollars ($10.00), in cash or a certified check, with the City Auditor, as payment for the permit.
      (3)   The applicant has deposited fifty dollars ($50.00), in cash or by certified check, with the City Auditor, as a guarantee that the applicant will restore the premises to as good as or better condition than when the permit was issued.
   (c) The fifty dollars ($50.00) shall not be refunded until the Zoning Inspector has personally inspected the applicant's location and determined that it has been restored to a condition as good as or better than when the permit was issued. Inspection shall be made no later than January 10 of each year. Any applicant who fails to restore his location to a proper condition by January 10 of each year shall forfeit his fifty dollars ($50.00). (Ord. 423-1974. Passed 12-9-74.)