(A)   Upon discovery of a violation of any city, state or federal environmental law, standard, order, rule or regulation, the Administrator or ARAQMD or his or her designee shall serve a notice of violation upon the violator. The notice of violation shall identify the specific violation, the applicable law, standard, order, rule or regulation, the possible penalties for noncompliance and a recommendation for remedial action.
   (B)   Upon receipt of the notice of violation, the violator shall have 14 calendar days to abate the violation or provide for a remedy acceptable to the Administrator.
   (C)   When the time period for response and remedy has elapsed, the Administrator, when local regulations are violated, may issue findings and orders to the violator. Such findings and orders shall include the factual and legal basis for the Administrator’s action, a mandatory program for remedial action and the penalties that will be assessed for past and future non-compliance.
   (D)   In the event that the Administrator has reasonable cause to determine that any person is causing air pollution which would constitute an emergency requiring immediate action to protect the public health, welfare, safety or property of the people of the city, the Administrator shall take the immediate and necessary action to abate and eliminate the pollution.
(Ord. 103-1993, passed 12-20-1993)