TITLE TWO - Business Regulation
   Chap. 804.  Advertising and Billposting.
   Chap. 808.  Amusements and Shows.
   Chap. 812.  Auctions.
   Chap. 816.  Billiard and Pool Rooms.
   Chap. 820.  Boxing and Wrestling.
   Chap. 822.  Cable Television.
   Chap. 824.  Dances and Dance Halls.
   Chap. 828.  Fortunetelling.
   Chap. 830.  Gasoline Service Stations.
   Chap. 832.  Going-Out-of-Business Sales.
   Chap. 834.  Late Night Retail Establishments and Gasoline Stations.
   Chap. 836.  Amusement Devices, Skill-Based Amusement Machines, and Arcades.
   Chap. 840.  Pawnbrokers.  (Repealed)
   Chap. 842.  Payday Loan/Cash Advance Facilities.
   Chap. 844.  Peddlers, Solicitors and Vendors.
   Chap. 848.  Polygraph Tests.
   Chap. 852.  Secondhand Dealers.
   Chap. 856.  Taxicabs.
   Chap. 860.  Trailer Camps and Tourist Camps.
   Chap. 862.  Self-Service Retail Pricing.
   Chap. 864.  Private Investigators and Agencies.
   Chap. 866.  Private Patrol Watchmen and Agencies.
   Chap. 868.  Christmas Tree Sales.
   Chap. 870.  Strikebreakers.
   Chap. 872.  Residential Care Facilities.
   Chap. 874.  Tow Trucks.
   Chap. 876.   Medical Marijuana Cultivators, Processors and Retail Dispensaries.
TITLE FOUR - Taxation
   Chap. 880.  Earned Income Tax (Effective through December 31, 2015).
   Chap. 880.  Earned Income Tax (Effective Beginning January 1, 2016).
   Chap. 881.  Motor Vehicle License Tax.