Department of Finance
EDITOR'S NOTE:  The offices of Auditor and Treasurer were abolished on January 1, 1976, and January 1, 1978, respectively, by operation of Section 4.04 of the City Charter.  References throughout these Codified Ordinances to the Auditor or the Treasurer shall mean the Director of Finance.
234.01   Division of Taxation; establishment; regulations.
234.02   Charge for bad checks.
234.03   Investment of City funds.
234.04   Reimbursement of temporary advances from note and bond proceeds.
234.05   Emergency Reserve for Public Facilities and Programs Fund.
234.06   Public Infrastructure Improvement Reserve Fund.
234.07   Investment policy.
234.08   D.A.R.E. Program Fund.
234.09   Applications for loans from City; credit report required.
234.10   Minimum fund balance policy.
234.11   Adopting state-recommended finance policies.
234.12   Fire Prevention and Education Fund.
234.13   Computer Legal Research Fund.
234.14   Street Capital Improvement Fund.
234.15   Agency Fund.
234.16   Agency Fund.
234.17   Lighting Fund.
   Establishment - see CHTR. Sec. 4.01
   Assistant Director of Finance to be appointed - see CHTR. Sec. 4.04
   Qualifications, powers and duties of Director of Finance - see CHTR. Sec. 4.04(a),(c)
   Removal, vacancy - see CHTR. Sec. 4.04(b),(d),(e)
   Bond of Director - see CHTR. Sec. 5.14; ADM. 254.01
   Finances and taxation - see CHTR., Art. 10
   Liability Loss Fund - see ADM. 232.01
   Law Enforcement Trust Fund - see ADM. 238.05
   Cooperative purchasing - see ADM. 242.01
   Falsification - see GEN. OFF. 606.10
   Earned income tax - see B.R. & T. Ch. 880
   Department of Taxation - see B.R. & T. 880.10(f)