A Department of Public Safety, a Department of Public Service, a Department of Finance, and a Department of Law are hereby established, and the Council shall provide by ordinance for their organization. The Council may establish by ordinance additional departments or divisions and, except for the Departments of Public Service, Public Safety, Finance, and Law, may combine or abolish departments or divisions.
   Any department head, as defined by ordinance, hired after November 2, 2004, must reside, or must become a resident of the City of Barberton within six (6) months of said appointment, and must remain a resident for the period during which said position is occupied. If said appointee refuses to comply with the six-month residency rule and/or fails to remain a resident of the City of Barberton during the period of time he/she holds said position, termination of the appointee shall ensue.
   A Board of Control is hereby established and shall consist of three (3) members: the Mayor, as chairman, the Director of Finance; and the Director of Law. The function of the Board of Control shall be the awarding of all contracts to which the City is a party, except as otherwise provided in this Charter. (Nov. 7, 1995; Nov. 2, 2004)