(A)   Wherever on public or private premises in an area zoned for general business, as defined and established by the Zoning Code, the Director of Public Safety on advice of the Fire Chief finds that parking of vehicles does or will interfere with ready access by the Fire Division to a structure on the premises for the purpose of fighting fires therein, or with ready access to a fire hydrant installed for protection of the premises, the Director shall designate a reasonable area or areas leading to and adjacent to such structure and hydrants as fire lanes.
   (B)   Upon the designation of a fire lane as provided in division (A) above, the Director shall notify, in writing, the owner of the premises of such designation and of the extent of such lane. The Director shall cause to be placed or erected signs and markers along the fire lane notifying all persons of the existence of the fire lane. Thereafter the owner shall maintain the signs and markers in legible condition. The design and location of the signs and markers shall be specified by the Director and shall not be less than those required for such signs and markers on public highways as prescribed by the Ohio Department of Transportation.
   (C)   No person shall park a vehicle in any fire lane designated as such pursuant to this section, nor within ten feet of any fire hydrant.
   (D)   No person shall be deemed guilty of violation of division (C) above unless at the time of the alleged violation there were conspicuously posted the signs and markers as provided for in division (B) above.
(Ord. 62-1976, passed 3-15-1976)