All oil and gas wells and related production equipment located in the city shall have the following emergency markings or markers.
   (A)   All major control valves, including shut-off valves, check valves and one-way valves, at the wellhead, from the separator to the tank, and from the tank to the distribution point, shall be painted red.
      (1)   The location of each of these valves shall be identified by the installation of a yellow indicator post with the top six inches painted red.
      (2)   All indicator posts shall be positioned in such a manner that the top of the post will extend at least 12 inches above the native snow line, which is 30 inches, and the bottom of the post shall be located as close to the valve as possible.
   (B)   All storage tanks serving multi-well heads shall have all control valves identified on the indicator posts with the street address of the applicable wellheads.
   (C)   All pipelines shall be marked every 200 feet or closer, if appropriate, with yellow indicator posts which extend at least 12 inches above the native snow line, which is 30 inches.
      (1)   All pipeline indicator posts shall be erected to allow for a straight line-of-sight orientation to conform with the existing terrain.
      (2)   Each major directional product flow change juncture which deviates appreciably from the straight line-of-sight shall be marked with an indicator post.
      (3)   All pipeline indicator posts shall be marked with black arrows that identify the direction of product flow.
   (D)   All storage tanks shall be marked with a sign with the designated address or street number, Ohio Department of Natural Resources permit number, name of the well and name, address and 24-hour emergency telephone number of the owner, agent or operator of the well. All required signs shall be updated within seven days of any change of this information.
   (E)   All storage tanks shall be labeled in accordance with National Fire Protection Association, Standard 704, regarding identification of the fire hazards of the material stored within. This information shall be readable for a distance of 300 feet, from the normal access to the storage tank or tank battery.
   (F)   The site of each well shall have a sign, visible and readable at a distance of 100 feet, stating, “NO SMOKING WITHIN 25 FEET”.
(Prior Code, § 1614.02) (Ord. 118-2003, passed 9-8-2003)