(A)   Any public utility or company engaged in the manufacture, transmission or distribution of electrical energy for commercial purposes, and any person, firm or corporation primarily engaged in the business of transmission of signals, communications or intelligence, are exempt from permit and registration fees for installing, altering or adding to electrical wiring which is for the exclusive use of the manufacture, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. All such work shall be done in accordance with the currently published rules and regulations of the National Electrical Code and the National Safety Code as approved by the American Standards Association and under the supervision of a qualified electrical engineer, registered by the state. All work is subject to inspection and approval of the Electrical Inspection Division at any time. For overhead and underground electric service this exemption is limited to the service facilities on property owned or leased or for which easement has been procured exclusively by the public electric utility company.
   (B)   Permit fees shall be paid to the city as provided in Ch. 1444 of this code of ordinances for the initial electric wiring installed in a building or part thereof used or to be used solely for the manufacture of electrical energy. A registration and permit fee shall be required for installing, adding or altering electrical wiring in any building or part thereof not used or not to be used solely for the manufacture or transmission of electrical energy for use by others.
(Prior Code, § 1424.03)  (Ord. 51-1990, passed 2-26-1990; Ord. 10-2002, passed 1-28-2002)