If a representative should, at any time, terminate his or her relationship with the plant he or she represents, then such plant shall file an application for its plant registration through another qualified applicant. Such plant may be granted permission to do its own work for a period of 60 days to allow the registration of such applicant; provided that, a person whose qualifications are acceptable to the appropriate inspector is designated by such plant to act as its temporary representative and supervisor for such period. Should the applicant become eligible as provided for in this chapter, the registration may be retained by the plant without further fee until the date of expiration. A representative who terminates his or her relationship with a plant may act as a qualified representative of another plant upon notification in writing to the Building Commissioner as long as the new plant is currently registered with the Building Department. A registered contractor or plumber may act as a plant representative.
(Prior Code, § 1422.16)  (Ord. 51-1990, passed 2-26-1990; Ord. 10-2002, passed 1-28-2002; Ord. 32-2011, passed 5-9-2011)