(A)   Nothing in this Title Four shall be interpreted to require a registration from a bona fide owner who occupies a single-family dwelling and who personally performs work upon the premises occupied by him or her as his or her established residence. Such owner shall be issued a permit for such work if he or she satisfactorily qualifies therefor through an oral test given by the appropriate inspector of the Division of Building Inspection relating to such work.
   (B)   A vacant dwelling or an occupied dwelling that is for sale or being purchased on land contract is not considered an owner-occupied single-family dwelling. For work upon such dwellings, a contractor registered by the city shall be required to obtain a permit.
   (C)   All such work shall be done in conformity with the provisions of this Building and Housing Code and the laws of the state, and no work shall be done unless all permits required by this Building and Housing Code are obtained.
(Prior Code, § 1422.03)  (Ord. 160-1992, passed 10-26-1992; Ord. 10-2002, passed 1-28-2002)