(A)   All licenses granted under this chapter shall expire on December 31 of each year, unless sooner revoked. The following fees shall be collected by the Mayor:
      (1)   For a private investigator: $20; and
      (2)   For a private investigation agency: $50.
   (B)   The license for a private investigator shall be in such form as to contain a true photograph and right thumbprint of the licensee, his or her name, address, physical description and signature. Such license shall be carried by the licensee during his or her hours of employment or duty and shall be subject at all times to inspection by any member of the Police Division.
   (C)   The license for a private investigation agency shall be in a form prescribed by the Mayor and shall be displayed at the licensee’s office.
(Prior Code, § 864.06)  (Ord. 160-1976, passed 7-6-1976)