This chapter shall not apply to the following:
   (A)   Employment as regularly appointed police officers, regularly appointed peace officers or law enforcement agents of the United States, the state or political subdivisions thereof;
   (B)   Off-duty employment as regularly appointed police officers of the city when approved by the Chief of Police or as regularly appointed members of the Summit County Sheriff’s office when approved by the Sheriff;
   (C)   The protection of persons or property being transported in interstate or intrastate commerce;
   (D)   The investigation and adjustment of insurance losses;
   (E)   Attorneys at law in the practice of their profession; and
   (F)   Agencies whose exclusive business is the furnishing of information as to the business, financial standing and credit responsibility of persons, firms and corporations, or personal habits and financial responsibility of applicants or claimants with respect to insurance, indemnity bonds or commercial credit.
(Prior Code, § 864.03)  (Ord. 160-1976, passed 7-6-1976)