(A)   Each taxicab company shall provide adequate taxicab service throughout the city upon demand during all hours of each day. All taxicabs shall be equipped with an operating two-way voice communication system with the taxicab company dispatcher.
   (B)   Each taxicab company and transportation company shall at all times obey all traffic laws and all other laws and regulations applicable to public transportation services and shall be responsible for the conduct and actions of all persons operating vehicles or otherwise employed in the business of the company. Discourteous treatment of the public, misrepresentation of fare, failure to transport passengers to requested destinations without just cause, and other similar activities inimical to a public transportation service shall be grounds for the city to suspend or revoke the license issued to such company.
   (C)   Each taxicab must be equipped with a functioning taximeter that measures the distance traveled and computes the fare. The taximeter must be visible to all passengers within the taxicab.
   (D)   Each taxicab company shall locate their principle place of business or office within the corporation limits of the city.
(Prior Code, § 856.03)  (Ord. 191-2010, passed 12-20-2010)