(A)   No person shall operate a taxicab company or transportation company on any street within the city, except in accordance with the provisions of this chapter; however, a taxicab company or transportation company licensed by another political jurisdiction that does not border the city may disembark, but not embark, passengers in Barberton provided the passenger trip originated outside of Barberton.
   (B)   No person shall display on the interior or exterior of any vehicle the words “taxicab”, “taxi” or “cab”, nor shall any person represent to any other person either orally or in writing that he or she operates or offers “taxicab”, “taxi” or “cab” service within the city unless such person has been issued a taxicab company license, as specified herein.
(Prior Code, § 856.02)  (Ord. 191-2010, passed 12-20-2010; Ord. 136-2018, passed 11-26-2018)