The following prohibitions and regulations shall apply to activities requiring a permit:
   A.   Compliance Required: It shall be unlawful for any person in charge of, or responsible for the conduct of, a duly permitted activity requiring a permit to knowingly fail to comply with any condition of the permit.
   B.   Time Limit; Duration: No permit shall be issued for a parade or public assembly to commence before seven o'clock (7:00) A.M. All parades and/or public assemblies shall terminate prior to ten o'clock (10:00) P.M. No parade requiring a permit shall exceed two (2) hours in length. City street setup and dispersal, including barricade removal, shall not be included in the activity time limit.
   C.   Place And Time Of Assemblage: All parade participants shall assemble for the parade at the time and location designated in the parade permit and shall disperse from public property after the conclusion of the parade in order that regular traffic patterns might be restored.
   D.   Peaceful Activities: Parade or assembly organizers shall assure that participants: 1) are not in possession of firearms or other weapons, unless specifically approved by the county sheriff; 2) do not intend to engage in violence or other unlawful conduct; and 3) do not intend to incite others to do so.
   E.   City Authority To Impose Conditions: The permit may limit or condition the number of participants, the length of the event, the time and location of the event, or the manner of the event where necessary: 1) to prevent violence; 2) to avoid serious inconvenience to those needing access to commercial or public services; 3) to avoid interference with movement of police or fire vehicles or ambulances; and 4) where such limitations or conditions provide ample opportunity for exercise of constitutionally protected rights. (2011 Code)