A.   Firearms Defined: Wherever the term "firearms" is used in this section, it means any instrument used in the propulsion of shot, shell or bullets or other harmful objects by the action of gunpowder exploded within it, or by the action of compressed air within it, or by the power of springs, and including what are commonly known as air rifles, BB guns, slings, flippers, pellet guns, or bow and arrows.
   B.   Projectile Or Explosive Weapons:
      1.   Prohibition: It shall be unlawful and punishable as a misdemeanor for any person to discharge any instrument that propels shot, bullets, shells, or other projectiles or harmful substances, by the action of gunpowder, compressed air, springs, elastic materials, or explosive matter, within the corporate boundaries of the city.
      2.   Exception: Law enforcement officers in the proper performance of their duty, or citizens in the lawful defense of person or property are excluded.
(Ord. 231-A, 1995)