The following are hereby specifically declared to be nuisances when created, maintained, or caused to exist within the corporate limits of the city:
   A.   Unwholesome Or Injurious Substances: The depositing of any filth or any foul, offensive, unwholesome, nauseous, or injurious substances upon any public thoroughfare or other public place or upon any private property.
   B.   Depositing Debris Into Gutters, Public Ways: Sweeping or depositing of any paper, trash, ashes, rubbish or debris into any drain or gutter, or onto any public thoroughfare.
   C.   Burning Substances Causing Odor, Smoke: The burning of any hair, leather, rags or other substances of any kind which may cause or produce an offensive smell, smoke, or odor which annoys or is offensive to persons living in the vicinity or to persons passing by on any public thoroughfare.
   D.   Chemicals For Spraying Trees, Other Vegetation: The mixing of or using of chemicals or mixtures of substances used in the spraying of trees and other vegetation on property where the spray of the mixtures or the odors therefrom are offensive to the senses and are permitted to drift out over adjoining property or other property and come in contact with trees or vegetation or people thereon to the injury thereof, or so as to become offensive to the senses or an obstruction to the free use of such property, or so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property so affected.
   E.   Defecating Or Urinating Upon Public Ways: Defecating or urinating upon the streets, alleys, or public places or any other place that may be seen from private residences or by any person passing along the public thoroughfares.
   F.   Defacing Public Toilets: Public toilets whereon appear filthy or indecent writings or caricatures; provided, that public toilets shall be all toilets resorted to or used not only by the owners or proprietors of the building in which the same are located, but also by renters, lessors or other persons or by the public.
   G.   Open Cellar Or Trap Doors: Keeping or leaving open or unprotected after the necessity for the opening has ceased, of any cellar or trap door or the grating of any vault in or upon any sidewalk.
   H.   Offensive Pools, Cesspools, Privies: All cellars, vaults, drains, pools, cesspools, privies, sewers, yards, grounds or premises which for any cause have become foul, nauseous or injurious to health or a menace to health, or which give forth odors which are offensive to adjacent residents or to persons passing by.
   I.   Carcasses, Other Unwholesome Substances: All carcasses, decaying flesh, fish, fowl, or vegetables and all deposits of manure or other unwholesome substances and all filthy or offensive water or slops in any private yard or premises or when thrown or conducted into or upon any street, alley, public ground or any enclosure so as to be unwholesome or offensive or liable to become unwholesome or offensive.
(Ord. 163, 7-2-1962)