Purchases of supplies and equipment for city use shall be made and accomplished in conformity with §§ 34.26 through 34.34, except:
   (A)   When an emergency as determined by the Director of Administrative Services is deemed to require that an order be placed with the nearest available source of supply;
   (B)   When the supplies and equipment needed can be obtained from one source only; or
   (C)   When the City Council by a four-fifths vote determines to dispense with such bidding and other procedures required by the above-mentioned sections in any individual instance upon a finding by the Council that it would be impractical, useless, or uneconomical in such instance to follow the procedures, and that the welfare of the public would be promoted by dispensing with the same.
('83 Code, § 3.08.040)  (Ord. 819, passed - -81; Am Ord. 845, passed - -82; Am. Ord. 1101, passed 5-17-95)