§ 34.04  HEARINGS.
   (A)   Upon submission of the budget, the City Council shall conduct a public hearing upon the adoption of the budget, which hearing shall be held at the first regular meeting of the City Council in the month of June of each year.
   (B)   Notice shall be given of the public hearing in the manner as the City Council deems appropriate to give reasonable notice thereof, to the residents of the city.
   (C)   At the time of the public hearing, the City Council shall consider evidence presented by any interested person concerning any or all of the items as contained in the proposed budget.
   (D)   Upon conclusion of the public hearing, the City Council shall make the alterations, deletions or additions to the budget as proposed, as it finds to be in the public interest, and thereafter, it shall approve the budget as devised.
('83 Code, § 3.04.040)