The persons now, or hereafter, holding any of the following positions shall be deemed to be included within the unclassified service of the city.  Unclassified service employees shall not be subject to the provisions of this chapter with reference to the city's personnel system; nor shall the unclassified service employees be subject to, or governed by, the provisions of the city's personnel rules and regulations.  Appointments to, and dismissals from, positions in the unclassified service shall be governed, exclusively, by the provisions of §§ 33.02 through 33.07.
   (A)   City Council appointees.  Persons holding any of the positions enumerated in this division shall be "at-will" employees, appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the City Council:
      (1)   Any person employed by the city as an independent contractor for the purpose of performing a specific function or service;
      (2)   The Chief Executive Officer (sometimes referred to in this code as the City Manager);
      (3)   The City Attorney;
      (4)   Department heads;
      (5)   Personnel/Risk Manager; or
      (6)   Assistant Chief Executive Officer.
   (B)   Department head and manager positions.  The following positions constitute the department head and manager positions of the city:
      (1)   Department head positions:
         (a)   Chief of Police;
         (b)   Director of Community Development;
         (c)   Director of Finance;
         (d)   Director of Public Works;
         (e)   Director of Recreation and Community Services;
      (2)   Manager positions:
         (a)   Accounting Manager;
         (b)   Assistant Public Works Director;
         (c)   Chief Deputy City Clerk;
         (d)   City Planner;
         (e)   Housing Authority Manager;
         (f)   Personnel/Risk Manager;
         (g)   Redevelopment Manager.
   (C)   Chief Executive Officer appointees.  Persons holding any of the following positions shall be "at-will" employees, appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of the Chief Executive Officer:
      (1)   All part-time employees;
      (2)   All temporary employees;
      (3)   Any position which is funded, in whole or in part, by a state or federal grant; and
      (4)   Manager positions other than Personnel/ Risk Manager.
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