§ 53.10  SUBMISSION.
   (A)   Plan contents. Each applicant for a permit for any covered project shall complete and submit a Construction and Demolition Materials Management Plan (C&DMMP), on a C&DMMP form approved by the city for this purpose with any application for the building or demolition permit for a covered project.  The completed C&DMMP shall indicate all of the following:
      (1)   The estimated volume or weight of the project C&D material, by material type, to be generated;
      (2)   The maximum volume or weight of C&D materials that is feasible to divert; 
      (3)   The vendor or facility where the applicant proposes to use to collect, divert, market, reuse or receive that material; and
      (4)   The estimated volume or weight of residual C&D materials that would be transported for disposal in a landfill or transformation facility.
   (B)   Calculating volume and weight of material. In estimating the volume or weight of materials identified in the C&DMMP, the applicant shall use the standardized conversion rates approved by the city of this purpose.
   (C)   Deconstruction. In preparing the C&DMMP, applicants for building or demolition permits involving the removal of all or part of an existing structure shall consider deconstruction, to the maximum extent feasible, and shall make the materials generated thereby available for salvage prior to being transported for disposal in a landfill or transformation facility.  Deconstruction can be used to meet the 50% diversion requirement provided it is accounted for in the C&DMMP.
(Ord. 1214, passed 10-15-03)