128.01   Cannabis retailers prohibited unless specifically authorized
   128.02   Compliance with laws
   128.03   Definitions
   128.04   Retail cannabis business permit required
   128.05   Location and design requirements for cannabis retailers
   128.06   Chapter 127 priority cannabis retailer application procedure
   128.07   City Council developed cannabis retailer application procedure
   128.08   Limitations on the city’s liability
   128.09   Retail cannabis business permit term
   128.10   Suspension and revocation of retail cannabis business permits
   128.11   Appeals regarding retail cannabis business permits
   128.12   Change in location; updated application information
   128.13   Transfer of a retail cannabis business permit
   128.14   Records and recordkeeping
   128.15   Security measures
   128.16   Restriction on alcohol and tobacco sales
   128.17   Fees and charges
   128.18   General operating requirements
   128.19   Additional operating requirements
   128.20   Additional operating requirements for delivery
   128.20.5    Additional operating requirements for distribution
   128.21   Promulgation of regulations, standards, and other legal duties
   128.22   Community relations
   128.23   Fees deemed debt to city
   128.24   Permittee, owner, and property owner responsible for violations
   128.25   Inspection and enforcement
   128.26   Concurrent regulation with the state
   128.27   Violations declared a public nuisance
   128.28   Each violation a separate offense
   128.29   Criminal penalties
   128.30   Remedies cumulative and not exclusive