Whenever bids are required by law or by this code for the letting of contracts, the doing of work or the furnishing of supplies, equipment or materials, all of the steps, acts and proceedings required by law or by this code shall be fully complied with, and in particular and supplementary to the procedure set out in this section regulating the notices inviting bids, the publication and posting of the notices, and the opening of the bids, shall be followed.
   (A)   Notice; contents.  The notice inviting bids shall set a date for the opening of bids.  All notices, whether mailed, published, or posted, shall state the date, the hour, and the place at which the bids called for are to be opened and shall also state the date, the hour, and the place of the Council meeting at which the City Council intends to take action on the bids.
   (B)   Bids; opening.  All bids shall be returnable to the City Clerk and at the hour and date stated in the notice.  All bids shall be publicly opened and declared.  From and after the time of their opening, the City Clerk shall, upon request of any interested party, permit examination of the bids.
   (C)   Bids; awarding.  After opening of the bids, the City Council shall proceed in accordance with applicable provisions of law or this code either to award the bid and to let the contract therein referred to, or to take such other action as may be authorized by law.
('83 Code, § 3.08.170) (Am. Ord. 1101, passed 5-17-95)