(A)   Oral reprimands.  Oral reprimands may be given to any member of the Department by the Marshal at any time for correctional purposes and in such cases as the Marshal shall make note of the reprimand in his or her daily log.
   (B)   Written reprimands.  Written reprimands, which are given for a violation of the policies and procedures contained herein, may be given to any member of the Department by the Marshal for an infraction of the departmental rules and regulations or for repeated procedural errors after oral reprimands have been tendered.  In these cases, the written reprimand shall be written by the Marshal and presented to the Town Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting.  In addition, a copy of the written reprimand shall be placed in the personnel file of the individual officer.  A copy of the written reprimand will be served upon the police officer named therein in person.
   (C)   Temporary suspension.  A police officer may be temporarily suspended for a period not to exceed 5 working days by the Marshal pursuant to I.C. 36-8-4-1.  For purposes of this section, 8 hours of paid time constitutes 1 working day.  If the Marshal suspends a police officer pursuant to this provision, he or she shall, within 48 hours, notify all members of the Town Council in writing of the action and the reasons for the action.  A police officer who is suspended pursuant to this section may, within 48 hours after receiving notice of the suspension, file a written appeal asking for a review of the suspension.  It is the sole discretion of the Council whether to conduct a full hearing during this review.  The Town Council may either uphold or reverse the decision of the Marshal.  If the decision of the Marshal is reversed, the police officer who is suspended is entitled to any wages withheld as a result of the suspension.
   (D)   Suspension pending investigation.  During investigation of serious charges of misconduct leading to discharge from employment as a police officer, an individual officer may be suspended pending investigation for a period exceeding 5 days, but not to exceed 60 days.  The suspension may be imposed only by the Town Council upon application of the Marshal and shall be without pay; however, a police officer exonerated in the final hearing before the Town Council is entitled to all salary and other benefits withheld during the suspension.
(1996 Code, § 2-58)  (Ord. 1991-2, § 23, passed 7-18-1991)