There is continued the fund known as the Waterworks Revenue Fund (the Revenue Fund) into which there shall be deposited upon receipt, all income and revenues of the sewage works.  This fund shall be maintained separate and apart from all other bank accounts of the town.  All monies deposited in the Revenue Fund may be invested in accordance with I.C. 5-13.
(1996 Code, § 9-140)  (Ord. 1994-3, § 11, passed 5-11-1994)
Editor’s note:
   A complete copy of Ord. 1994-3 regarding the construction and improvements of the Bainbridge Waterworks is on file in the office of the Clerk-Treasurer and available for public inspection during regular business hours.  The entire ordinance is in effect and addresses other funds and accounts including but not limited to a construction account, bond and interest account and debt service reserve account.