(A)   For the purposes of this section, OBSTRUCTION means and is defined as any object, building or sign, whether human-made or natural, including, without limitation, tall ornamental grasses, bushes, shrubs, dirt and sand berms, fences, yard decorations, stakes, poles, posts, bulkheads, large stones/rocks and concrete or other masonry walls.
   (B)   All obstructions are prohibited from the right-of-way of all streets and highways in the town. For the purposes of this subchapter, RIGHT-OF-WAY is defined as any public street, way, place, alley, sidewalk, easement, park, square, plaza and town-owned right-of-way dedicated to public use.
   (C)   Prohibited obstructions include, but are not limited to, leaves, grass clippings, mulching material, cut vegetation, pruning remnants, limbs, brush or other foliage, any and all debris left behind by contracted laborers or other paid service providers deposited onto public property or right-of-way including all plots, parcels, throughways, easements and real property.
   (D)   The following shall be excluded from prohibition:
      (1)   Storm debris and acts of God;
      (2)   Leaves properly placed curbside for seasonal collection during municipally-scheduled collection times;
      (3)   Limb and brush debris of no more than ten feet in length and no more than six inches in diameter placed curbside for monthly collection no more than one week prior to scheduled collection;
      (4)   Existing trees and anything installed by the town, county, state or a utility on approved easements or as allowed by other sections of the town code of ordinances. The town is not responsible for any damage incurred to, by way of illustration, obstructions, plantings or underground irrigation systems placed on the town-owned right-of-way when such damage occurs as a result of any activity conducted by the town in support of its rights-of-way;
      (5)   Garbage/recycling containers, branches, brush and other items temporarily placed on the right-of-way for scheduled pickup at designated times by the town or other service provider; and
      (6)   Property-address signs meeting all other town code of ordinances.
   (E)   Placement of signs on the town right-of-way and private property is regulated by §§ 155.145 through 155.156 of this code of ordinances.
(Ord. 12-2, passed 2-14-2012) Penalty, see § 10.99