(A)   Unless otherwise permitted herein, every lot resulting from a subdivision of land as provided for herein shall abut and have direct access to a publicly maintained street or other public right-of-way legally dedicated, except as provided in this section.
   (B)   (1)   For proposed subdivisions with frontage on a thoroughfare street, the maximum number of lots to be created shall be limited to five lots.
      (2)   Any proposed subdivision proposing more than five lots shall require the additional lots to be served by a newly constructed internal public street.
   (C)   Frontage on a public street shall not be required in the following situations; provided, however, that, an easement providing access to the public street shall be recorded and substituted with the application for development approval:
      (1)   Parcels within non-residential subdivisions;
      (2)   Town home lots where the individual lots are separated from a public right-of-way by a strip of land under common ownership by the owners of the town home lots;
      (3)   Lots fronting on approved private streets; and
      (4)   Lots shall be designed with adequate frontage for the purpose of providing direct physical access to the property from public streets for vehicles and utilities and for public safety equipment.
(Ord. passed - -, § 1.6E)