(A)   Screens. For protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects every dwelling shall have:
      (1)   Supplied and installed screens on every door opening leading directly from the dwelling to outdoor space. Except, that sliding doors, doors with self-closing devices, doors on mobile homes with self-closing devices and doors that open into rooms of living spaces that are artificially ventilated or air conditioned are exempt from this provision; and
      (2)   Supplied and installed screens on every window or other device with an opening to outdoor space; except that, this requirement shall not apply for any room or rooms of a dwelling that are ventilated year round with an operable and installed heating and air conditioning system.
   (B)   Rodent control. Every basement or cellar window used or intended to be used for ventilation, and every other opening to a basement which might provide an entry for rodents, shall be supplied with screens installed or such other approved device as will effectively prevent their entrance.
   (C)   Infestation. Every dwelling shall be maintained in a manner to be free of any infestations of insects, rodents or other pests. Every occupant of a dwelling containing a single dwelling unit shall be responsible for the extermination of any insects, rodents or other pests therein or on the premises; and every occupant of a dwelling unit in a dwelling containing more than one dwelling unit shall be responsible for such extermination whenever his or her dwelling unit is the only one infested. Whenever infestation exists in two or more of the dwelling units in any dwelling or in the shared or public parts of any dwelling containing two or more dwelling units, extermination shall be the responsibility of the owner.
   (D)   Rubbish storage and disposal. Every dwelling shall be supplied with approved containers and covers for storage of rubbish as required by town ordinances, and the owner, operator or agent in control of such dwelling or dwelling unit shall be responsible for the removal of rubbish.
   (E)   Garbage storage and disposal. Every dwelling shall be supplied with an approved garbage disposal facility, which may be an adequate mechanical garbage disposal unit (mechanical sink grinder) in each dwelling unit or an incinerator unit, to be approved by the Inspector, in the structure for the use of the occupants of each dwelling unit, or an approved outside garbage container as required by town ordinances.
(Ord. 05-6, passed 4-12-2005) Penalty, see § 10.99