(A)   Wiring. Every dwelling shall be wired for electric lights and convenience receptacles. Every habitable room shall contain at least two floor or wall type electrical convenience receptacles, connected in such manner as determined by the Electric Code. There shall be installed in every bathroom, water closet room, laundry room and furnace room at least one supplied ceiling or wall type electric light fixture. In the event wall or ceiling light fixtures are not provided in any habitable room, then each such habitable room shall contain at least three floor or wall type electric convenience receptacles.
   (B)   Hall lights. Every public hall and stairway in every multiple dwelling shall be adequately lighted by electric lights at all times when natural light is not sufficient.
   (C)   Maintenance. All fixtures, receptacles, equipment and wiring shall be maintained in a state of good repair, safe, capable of being used and installed in accordance with the Electric Code.
(Ord. 05-6, passed 4-12-2005) Penalty, see § 10.99