(A)   Facilities. Each dwelling unit shall contain not less than a kitchen sink, lavatory, tub or shower, water closet and an adequate supply of both cold water and hot water. All water shall be supplied through an approved pipe distribution system connected to a potable water supply. For the purposes of this standard, a dwelling is not connected to a potable water supply if the water supply has been “cut off”
because of non-payment of the water bill or otherwise or if the system for any reason is not receiving a flow of potable water to the tap.
   (B)   Maintenance. All plumbing fixtures shall meet the standards of the Plumbing Code and shall be maintained in a state of good repair and in good working order.
   (C)   Accessible. All required plumbing fixtures shall be located within the dwelling and be accessible to the occupants of the same. The water closet and tub or shower shall be located in a room or rooms affording privacy to the user.
(Ord. 05-6, passed 4-12-2005) Penalty, see § 10.99