(A)   The town recognizes the fact that some obstructions have been placed on the town-owned right-of-way prior to the enactment of this subchapter. Such obstructions are allowed to temporarily remain on the right-of-way at the sole discretion of the town. The town may order the removal of any obstructions at any time as provided in division (B) below.
   (B)   If any person, having been ordered in writing by the Town Council or Town Manager to abate an obstruction in a town-owned right-of-way, fails, neglects or refuses to abate or remove the condition constituting the obstruction within ten days from receipt of an order to remove an obstruction, the Town Manager or his or her designee may cause such condition to be removed or otherwise remedied by having employees of the town or independent contractors remove or otherwise abate such nuisance at the owner’s expense.
   (C)   Any person causing, permitting or allowing an obstruction to exist who has been ordered to abate or remove the obstruction may, within the time allowed by this subchapter, request the town in writing to suggest possible contractors to remove such condition, the cost of which shall be paid directly to the contractor by the person ordered by the town to remove the obstruction.
(Ord. 12-2, passed 2-14-2012)