§ 151.02 TREES.
   (A)   The town, at its discretion, may remove existing trees on town-owned rights-of-way.
   (B)   Property owners or their agents may also remove trees on the town-owned right-of-way with the permission of the town, which shall be obtained by way of the following procedure.
      (1)   A property owner or his or her agent shall complete a request to remove tree from right-of-way form, which may be obtained from the Clerk at Town Hall. The property owner or his or her agent’s request to remove a tree from right-of-way will at least state the following: the requested date of removal; address of property where removal will occur; type of tree to be removed (dogwood, oak and the like); approximate height of the tree; approximate circumference of the tree trunk starting at a point measured at least four feet from the ground and no more than six feet from the ground; reason for removal; date for completion of removal.
      (2)   The Town Manager will review the removal request and grant or deny the request no more than ten working days after the request is submitted. The town reserves the right to deny or grant a removal request for any reason it deems necessary to provide for the health, safety and well-being of the town’s residents and users of town streets. The property owner or his or her agent will be notified in writing of the Town Manager’s decision.
   (C)   Brush, vines and trees less than four inches in diameter may be removed without restriction at the discretion and expense of the property owner.
(Ord. 12-2, passed 2-14-2012) Penalty, see § 10.99