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   (a)   When a parking lot abuts a Residential District, either of the following must be provided:
      (1)   A twenty-foot wide existing wooded strip left in its natural state; or
      (2)   A fifteen-foot wide strip within which one or a combination of the following forms of screening shall be provided:
         A.   Dense vegetative planting, trees and/or shrubs of a variety which shall be equally effective year round;
         B.   A landscaped mound or berm;
         C.   An opaque wall or fence.
   Such screening shall be a minimum of six feet in height, measured from the natural grade, except that the use of walls or fences in compliance with this section shall comply with any more restrictive fence regulations found elsewhere in these regulations.
   (b)   For parking lots or segments of parking lots that are 20,000 square feet or more in area, a minimum of five percent of the gross area must be reserved for internal landscaping.
   (c)   Lighting shall be located to reflect light away from adjoining premises in Residential Districts.
(Ord. 52-99.  Passed 3-22-99.)