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   (a)   The Planning Commission may consider commercial signs on outdoor athletic fields when they are proposed for the purpose of sponsoring or otherwise helping to defray the costs of sports leagues or athletic events.
   (b)   Such signs shall be considered by the Planning Commission under the site plan review procedures of Section 1217.03, but the approval thereof by the Commission shall not become effective until the same is confirmed by a majority vote of Council.  Such signs shall only be considered when complying with the following standards and criteria:
      (1)   The maximum height to the top of the sign(s) shall be six feet above natural grade.
      (2)   The sign(s) shall face the playing field and shall be located to minimize visibility from adjacent property and public streets.
      (3)   The back of the sign(s) shall have a uniform color.
      (4)   No sign shall be internally illuminated, nor have any external illumination other than lights normally associated with the athletic field.
      (5)   The sign(s) shall only be in place for the duration of the season that the athletic field is being used by the sponsoring organization(s).
      (6)   All signs shall be a minimum of fifty feet from public streets and property lines unless the Commission determines that a sign, if placed nearer a street property line than fifty feet, is not visible from any adjacent streets or property.
(Ord. 52-99.  Passed 3-22-99.)