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   For the purpose of these regulations, a sign shall include any identification, description, illustration or device which is affixed to or integrated into a building, structure or land, or otherwise situated on a lot and which is intended to direct or attract attention to, or announce or promote, a product, place, activity, person, institution or business by means of letters, words, designs, colors, symbols, flags, banners, fixtures, images or illuminations.  Signs shall be further classified by physical design or structure and function or purpose based on the following:
   (a)   Physical Characteristics.
      (1)   Canopy or awning signs:  A sign which is printed on a canopy or awning and is attached to the soffit or fascia which projects not more than 36 inches from the building.
      (2)   Emblem:  Any device, symbol, design or figure not otherwise defined in this section, which is used as an advertisement and which may include, but is not limited to, banners, lights and site or building sculpture.
      (3)   Freestanding sign:  A sign which is supported by one or more uprights or braces in or upon the ground and is not supported by a building.
      (4)   Projecting sign:  A sign erected on the outside wall of a building and which projects out and is perpendicular to the outside wall of the building.
      (5)   Temporary sign:  A sign that is used only for a predetermined period of time and is not permanently mounted.
      (6)   Wall sign:  A sign erected parallel to or affixed on the outside wall of any building, and not extending more than 18 inches therefrom, and which does not project above the parapet wall or roof line or beyond the corner of the building.
      (7)   Window sign:  A sign on the inside of a building permanently affixed to, or near, a window for the purposes of being visible to and read from the outside of the building.
   (b)   Function.
      (1)   Construction sign:  A temporary sign identifying a building project only during the time of construction, including new construction, additions and renovations.
      (2)   Directional sign:  A sign which directs customers onto, off or around the site. Examples of directional signs include "Entrance Only", "Exit", "One-Way", "No Parking, Fire Lane", and "Right Turn Only".
      (3)   Identification sign:  A permanent sign which identifies, describes, or otherwise promotes a commercial enterprise or a residential development or residential subdivision and which may also be a canopy or awning sign, or a window sign, as defined in subsection (a) hereof.
      (4)   Institutional identification sign:  A sign erected on the property of a place of worship, school, public library or other public facility, which displays information regarding the institution which occupies such property.
      (5)   Instructional sign:  A sign that has a purpose secondary to the use on the lot and that is intended to instruct employees, customers or users as to specific parking requirements; the location or regulations pertaining to specific activities on the site or in the building; specific services offered; or methods of payment accepted. Examples of instructional signs include " Honk Horn for Service", "Restrooms Inside", "Parking for Customers Only", "Parking for Residents Only", menu boards, drive-up teller, and "self-serve" signs.
      (6)   Nameplate:  A sign attached to the wall of the principal building or to a decorative, freestanding wall or structure, otherwise permitted, indicating only the name and/or address of the person occupying the lot or building.
      (7)   Political sign:  A temporary sign advocating action on a public issue, promotion of a candidate for public office, or other ballot-oriented objectives.
      (8)   Real estate sign:  A temporary sign which directs attention to the rental, sale or lease of the property on which the sign is located.
      (9)   Safety or regulatory sign:  A sign erected by a public authority, utility, public service organization or private industry upon the public  right-of-way or on private property, which is required by law or otherwise intended to control traffic, direct, identify or inform the public, or provide needed services as determined by the rules and regulations of governmental agencies or through public policy. Safety and regulatory signs include "No Parking Fire Lane" and "Handicapped Parking".
      (10)   Temporary special event sign:  A temporary sign of any type, excluding construction, real estate or political, intended to announce special events, promotions or sales.
      (11)   Bed and Breakfast Nameplate.  A sign attached to the wall of the principal building or to a decorative, freestanding wall or structure, otherwise permitted, indicating only the name and/or address of the bed and breakfast.  Said sign shall not exceed two square feet of sign face and two sign faces shall be permitted per dwelling unit.
      (12)   Historic plaque. A plaque, composed of materials such as bronze, brass or similar durable material, placed to identify a historic landmark or district that has been designated by a Federal, State or Municipal agency.
(Ord. 52-99.  Passed 3-22-99; Ord. 19-03.  Passed 1-27-03; Ord. 99-2012. Passed 7-9-12.)