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   Planned unit developments may only be comprised of the following uses:
   (a)   Single-family non-cluster dwellings on single lots shall not be less than 60 feet in width at the building line.
   (b)   Cluster housing which shall be comprised of single-family attached or detached dwellings constructed in a contiguous grouping on fee simple lots with coordinated architectural features or themes with a common homeowners association responsible for maintaining shared landscaping and any other shared exterior features of the grouping.
   (c)   Single-family attached dwellings, provided that a maximum of six units shall be attached in any one building.
   (d)   Community and support facilities such as recreational facilities; playgrounds; common open space; tennis courts (indoor and outdoor); golf courses and their permitted accessory uses; swimming pools; and community buildings, which may include nursery school and day care centers.
   (e)   Accessory uses such as parking garages when providing parking for the developments dwelling units; off-street parking areas; signs; private gardens; walls and fences; and home occupations.
(Ord. 48-02.  Passed 2-25-02.)