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1252.02  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to encourage a comprehensive and planned approach to unified and coordinated project development in a manner which:
   (a)   Encourages the utilization of a flexible arrangement of buildings and related open space; to preserve open space and utilize natural features (drainage areas, woods, wetlands, views, etc.); to promote a variety of housing units and living environments; to provide creative but coordinated designs; and to maximize the utilization of land for the benefit, use, enjoyment and safety of present and future residents.
   (b)   Controls aesthetics without overly infringing on design flexibility.
   (c)   Maintains development densities to assure that the development will be compatible with the surrounding area.
   (d)   Provides sufficiently flexible criteria and guidelines to attain the purposes of the P.U.D. while limiting the development parameters, including the size, bulk and general appearance, so that existing or future residents in adjacent areas understand the type of developments which may be expected.
   (e)   Assures safe and well managed ingress and egress for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
(Ord. 48-02.  Passed 2-25-02.)