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   (a)   A planned unit development (P.U.D.) is a conditional use permitted in the R-1 and R-1A Residence Districts. A P.U.D. shall conform to the standards and regulations of this chapter, the procedures of Chapter 1216 and the provisions of the district regulations in which the planned unit development is located, unless the regulation has been otherwise altered pursuant to this chapter.
   (b)   A planned unit development shall be an area of land proposed as a single project under one organization. Approval of a planned development shall be requested by the organization responsible for the project. A planned unit development may, however, be comprised of several land owners within the proposed project area. The planned unit development shall be designed such that its construction, design, marketing and operation result in an independent project which is not dependent on any other property.
   (c)   A previously approved planned unit development may be extended or amended with approval of the Planning Commission and Council in accordance with the procedures for P.U.D.'s in this chapter, provided it is developed in harmony and the design is integrated with the balance of the development or group of contiguous planned unit developments. Such extension of a previously approved planned unit development is not required to satisfy the minimum area requirements pursuant to Section 1252.04(a).
   (d)   These regulations provide guidelines to assure a project is in keeping with the general land use objectives established in this Code or in any other adopted land use policy, including the City's Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
(Ord. 48-02.  Passed 2-25-02.)