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1246.01  PURPOSE.
   The Industrial District regulations are established to provide for manufacturing, industrial and related uses and facilities within the community in conformance with specific standards and in a manner compatible with the primarily residential character of Avon Lake. Two Industrial Districts have been established to meet the needs of the community.
   (a)   Light Industrial (LI). Provide areas to encourage the grouping of professional, research and administrative uses, and the distribution and handling of goods and materials in a clean and non-intrusive manner, while promoting the design of an appropriate light industrial park environment considering the location of buildings, landscaping and circulation, and to act as a transition from the General Industrial District.
   (b)   Industrial (I). Provide areas to accommodate general industrial uses, including processing, fabrication, packaging, assembly and related functions. In order to accommodate such industrial uses, outdoor storage related to such uses is permitted.
(Ord. 52-99.  Passed 3-22-99.)