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1244.01  PURPOSE.
   The Business District regulations are established to ensure the availability of suitable areas for various commercial uses while encouraging the most desirable and beneficial use of land and protecting the character and value of residential property in the City of Avon Lake.
   (a)   Office District (O-1).  Provide areas for the development of offices and financial establishments and to permit a limited number of conditional uses while maintaining an office environment by considering the arrangement  of buildings, parking areas and landscaping.
   (b)   Limited Business District (B-1).  Provide areas for a limited number of retail uses on primarily large parcels while excluding outdoor storage and automotive uses.
   (c)   General Business District (B-2).  Provide areas to accommodate a wide range of commercial uses, including outdoor storage as a conditional use in a manner that does not intrude upon residential areas.
   (d)   Special Business District (B-3).  Provide areas to accommodate the unique development characteristics and site conditions of two commercial areas, Lear/Electric and Lake/Moore (Old Avon Lake Shopping Center), by reducing and/or eliminating building and parking setbacks, lot size requirements and minimum landscaping and by permitting a wide range of retail uses while excluding institutional and medical facilities.
(Ord. 52-99.  Passed 3-22-99.)