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1242.01  PURPOSE.
   The Multiple-Family Residential Districts are established to accommodate attached single-family and multiple-family dwellings at varying densities in order to offer a variety of living environments within the City and in a manner which protects the desirable characteristics of existing residential development. R-2 is intended for implementation when the City nears build-out or as a buffer zone between districts.
   (a)   R-2 Multiple-Family Residential District.  Provide areas for multiple-family dwellings of five units/acre as the permitted use by right and conditionally permit institutional and commercial recreation uses.
   (b)   R-3 Multiple-Family Residential District.  Provide areas for primarily multiple-family dwellings of up to 12 units/acre.
   (c)   Unit Types. Notwithstanding the definition in Chapter 1212, multi-family residential dwellings may include a variety of unit types, including but not limited to attached, townhouse, patio and similar unit types. Multi-family dwellings may also include a variety of unit ownership concepts, including fee simple footprints for attached single-family units, condominium and rental units.
(Ord. 52-99.  Passed 3-22-99; Ord. 106-2015. Passed 8-24-15.)