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   When a specific use is proposed that is not listed or provided for in this Code, the Planning Commission may make a determination that the proposed use is substantially similar to a specific use that is listed or provided for as a principal or conditional use in the Code, or is determined to be consistent with the purpose statement for the district in which such use is proposed. If the Commission finds that a use is substantially similar to a specific use listed in this Code, such substantially similar use may be permitted in those districts which have the principal or conditional use most similar.  The initial determination of a similar use shall be approved in accordance with the conditional use permit procedures set forth in Section 1217.04. At the time of an initial determination the Planning Commission shall further determine if such similar use shall be added to the permitted use list for the district, either as a permitted principal use or as a conditional use.
(Ord. 48-02.  Passed 2-25-02.)