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   (a)   License Required.
      (1)   A special peddler's license shall be required of all persons who wish to engage in the sale of various ice creams, custards, frozen sherbets or other frozen desserts from pushcarts, wagons or other vehicles.
      (2)   Such license shall be issued to no person under the age of eighteen years, and a condition precedent to the issuance of such a license shall be a duly authenticated birth certificate.  The applicant shall also obtain, at his or her own expense, a certificate of health from a physician.
   (b)   Application; Investigation. An application shall be secured from the Safety Director or his or her designated representative, and after the requirements of subsection (a) hereof have been complied with, the application shall be submitted to the Police Department which shall investigate the same for the purpose of determining the criminal record of any applicant, as far as the Department can ascertain such record.
   (c)   Photograph for License. After certification by the Police Department, the applicant shall return the application to the Safety Director or his or her designated representative together with a photograph of himself or herself, which photograph shall be affixed to the license by the Safety Director or his or her designated representative.
   The license shall contain a description of the peddler, showing his or her height, age, weight, color of eyes, and color of hair.
   (d)   License Expiration; Transfer; Fee. A special peddler's license shall not be transferable to any other person.  The license shall expire on the last day of each calendar year.  The license fee shall be sixty dollars ($60.00) per year.
   (e)   Place of Sales to Children. No sales of merchandise shall be made to children within the area of the public streets or roadways. Sales may be made only within the tree lawn or sidewalk area.
(Ord. 53-98.  Passed 3-23-98.)