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Bicycles and Motorcycles Generally
474.01   Code application to bicycles.
474.02   Riding upon seats; carrying packages; motorcycle handle bars; helmets and glasses.
474.03   Attaching bicycles, motorcycles to other vehicles.
474.04   Riding on right side of roadway; riding abreast.
474.05   Lights, signal devices, brakes on bicycles.
474.06   Riding on sidewalks.
474.07   Safe operation; right-of-way.
474.08   Keeping to right. (Repealed)
474.09   Parking; locks.
474.10   Impounding.
474.11   Bicycle license required.
474.12   License application.
474.13   Issuance of license.
474.14   Attachment of license plate.
474.15   Transfer of ownership.
474.16   Riding on certain streets. (Repealed)
474.99   Penalty.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Bicycle regulations to be consistent with State law - see Ohio R.C. 4511.07(A)(8)
   Bicycle defined - see TRAF. 402.05
   Motorcycle defined - see TRAF. 402.21
   Bicycles prohibited on freeways - see TRAF. 412.05
   Operation of vehicles on bicycle paths - see TRAF. 432.40
   Motorcycle operator's license required - see TRAF. 436.01
   Motorcycle headlight - see TRAF. 438.03
   Motorcycle brakes - see TRAF. 438.19
   Off-highway motorcycles - see TRAF. Ch. 476