(A)   There is hereby imposed a fee for any vehicle inspection made by an officer of the Police Department, pursuant to I.C. 9-17-2, as amended. Such fee shall be payable by the person requesting such inspection, and it shall be paid at the time the inspection is made. Upon payment of such fee, the person making such inspection shall issue a receipt therefor.
   (B)   The amount of the fee established in division (A) above shall be $5. The inspection shall be made at the location of the City Hall, or at other suitable location upon the sound discretion of the officer for the city. The Police Department shall collect the fees and keep an accurate record of each inspection.  Each person shall be given a written receipt for each inspection fee paid.
   (C)   Nothing herein shall be construed to require that any police officer travel to any location outside of the corporate limits of the city to make any such inspection.
   (D)   All fees collected pursuant to this section shall be payable to the Special Vehicle Inspection Fund, and shall be delivered forthwith upon receipt to the office of the Clerk-Treasurer, and shall be deposited by the Clerk-Treasurer to be used for law enforcement purposes as directed by the City Council.
(Ord. 1990-5, passed 11-7-1990)
Inspection made under I.C. 9-17-2-12; conditions to which fee subject, see I.C. 9-29-4-2