(A)   All work and repair described herein shall be done in accordance with standards and specifications prescribed by the city. Before the pavement is replaced, said permittee shall call upon the city to inspect the work already done before proceeding further.
   (B)   After said inspection has been made, said permittee shall complete the work so that the place where excavated will conform to the road, street, sidewalk, or alley where such excavation was made as originally improved. All of said work shall be done to the acceptance and satisfaction of the City Engineer.
   (C)   In cases where any tile drain is cut, crushed, or in any other way disturbed so as to render the same in unsatisfactory working order, the permittee shall cause such structure to be repaired or rerouted according to the standards and specifications of the city. Permittee shall immediately notify the City Engineer of any underground structures, drains, pipes, conduits, or wires struck during the work.
   (D)   On any street which is classified as a primary arterial, secondary arterial, or one-way arterial and on any street which has been paved or repaved within the last five years, the permittee shall be required to use a method of installation which will not require the disruption of the pavement unless the permittee can demonstrate to the city that such a method is impossible or infeasible.
(Ord. 2012-01, passed 3-12-2012)  Penalty, see § 92.99