Construction plans, including the following, for improvements to be installed, shall be furnished in accordance with the specifications of the City Engineer or County Engineer, as the case may be, and shall receive approval of these officials before Improvements are installed:
   (A)   The profile of each proposed street, with tentative grades indicated.
   (B)   The cross-section of each proposed street, showing the width of pavement, the location and width of sidewalks and the location and size of utility mains.
   (C)   The plans and profiles of proposed sanitary sewers and stormwater sewers, with grades and sizes indicated, or method of sewage or stormwater disposal in lieu of sewers.
   (D)   A plan of the proposed water distribution system, showing pipe sizes and the location of valves and fire hydrants.
('74 Code, § 14-34) (Ord. passed 11-25-67) Penalty, see § 10.99