§ 151.63 STREET SIGNS.
   The subdivider shall provide standard city street signs at each street intersection as shown on the final plat, together with the proper number indicated on the sign according to the established house numbering system of the city. The signs shall be placed between the inside, intersecting lines of the sidewalks and the curb line of the intersection, or as near the right-of-way line as possible on streets without sidewalks and shall be in the southeast quadrant of the intersection. The signs shall be placed on posts not less than ten feet long and seven feet above finished ground level. The post shall be not less than two inches inside diameter, galvanized steel or as otherwise stated by Council. Each sign post shall be set in an underground foundation not less than 36 inches in depth with a diameter of not less than four inches greater than the diameter of the post and shall be constructed of Portland cement.
('74 Code, § 14-31) (Ord. passed 11-25-67) Penalty, see § 10.99