§ 151.58 SEWERS.
   (A)   The subdivider shall provide a complete sanitary sewer system, which shall connect with a sanitary sewer outlet approved by the City Health Department or City Engineer; except, that when such approved outlet is not available because the subdivision does not lie within the urban service area, as designated by the master plan, one of the following methods of sewage disposal shall be used:
      (1)   A complete sanitary sewer system to convey the sewage to a treatment plant to be provided by the subdivider in accordance with minimum requirements of the City and State Health Departments. When a sanitary sewer system is installed it shall include all laterals and service sewers to the property line of lots to be served.
      (2)   Private sewage disposal system on individual lots consisting of a septic tank and tile absorption field or other approved sewage disposal system, when laid out in accordance with minimum standards of the city and on lots of at least 23,000 square feet in area, or such greater amount as required by the Health Department when water is supplied by a central system and at least one acre in size when water is not so supplied.
   (B)   The plans for the installation of a sanitary sewer system shall be prepared by the subdivider and approved by the City Engineer and the Council, and the plans for such system as built shall be filed with the Commission. If percolation tests are required by the Engineer or Health Officer, they shall be conducted according to his instructions and at the subdivider's expense.
   (C)   In this and the following section, the phrase "the subdivider shall provide" shall be interpreted to mean that the subdivider shall install the facility referred to, or in the case of a private sewage disposal system or an individual water supply, that the subdivider shall require, as a condition of the sale of each lot or parcel in the subdivision, that the facilities referred to in these paragraphs shall be installed by the owner of the lots in accordance with these regulations.
('74 Code, § 14-26) (Ord. passed 11-25-67) Penalty, see § 10.99