(A)   The final plat of the subdivision shall conform to the following:
      (1)   All of the improvements required under this chapter shall be constructed prior to filing with the commission of the final plat for final approval, in accordance with the specifications and under the supervision of the officials having jurisdiction; or
      (2)   In lieu of constructing such improvements as referred to in the above paragraph, the subdivider shall furnish a bond which shall run to the city or county, as the case shall be, shall be in an amount determined by the Commission to be sufficient to complete the improvements and installations in compliance with this chapter and be with surety satisfactory to the Commission. The Commission shall specify the time for the completion of the improvements and installations. Any funds received from these bonds shall be used by the city or county for completion of the improvements and installations for which they were provided and without prior appropriation.
   (B)   The final plat shall also conform to the standards and requirements as are set forth in this subchapter.
('74 Code, § 14-23) (Ord. passed 11-25-67) Penalty, see § 10.99